There's a variety of ways that you can enter a destination. The quickest and easiest way is to find an address or search millions of Points of Interest (POIs).

To enter a destination:

Tap  and choose one of the options:

CoPilot also offers powerful route planning features to take the stress out of your travels, including the ability to optimize the order of your stops to create the most efficient route.

My Trip allows you to add stops directly from the MAP or PLAN views.

What is the difference between MAP and PLAN view?
What is the difference between a waypoint and a stop?
How do I set multiple stops or waypoints?
How do I optimize my route?
How do I save/load a trip?
How do I set up CoPilot to avoid crossing waterways via ferry on my route?
How do I plan a trip on my computer or device and transfer to another device?


What is the difference between MAP and PLAN view?

  • MAP view provides a map display of your current route, and displays any alternative routes available in addition to your mileage and ETA.
  • PLAN view lists your origin, destination, waypoints and stops, and driving directions all in one location.

North America                                            

Map View                                                               Plan View     




Map View                                                               Plan View     




What is the difference between a waypoint and a stop?

Waypoints (Route Through Here) are locations meant to guide CoPilot in selecting a route along desired roads. Stops  are the actual destination(s) along that route. 

Waypoints differ from immediate stops in that CoPilot requires you to fully pass through a stop before that portion of the trip is cleared. Waypoints are considered as reached when you are in a radius of 0.2 miles (or 0.32 km) and are cleared from the trip.

The other difference is that the ETA, ETT and Distance displayed in the navigation view are calculated according to the stops and won't appear for each waypoint.

How do I set multiple stops or waypoints using PLAN view?

  1. Select Add Stop to add a location to your trip.
  2. After choosing your stop, CoPilot will add it to the list of locations. You can change your location from a waypoint to a stop (or vice versa) by tapping the stop and then selecting the waypoint  or stop  icon.
  3. Click Add Stop again for each additional stop on your route. 

North America 



How do I set multiple stops or waypoints using MAP view?

  1. Zoom in on the map and tap the location you want to add as a stop.
  2. Tap the arrow that appears in the info box about that location. 
  3. Tap the plus + to add the location as a stop or Route Through Here  to add it as a waypoint. 
  4. Repeat for as many stops or waypoints as you'd like to add to the trip.

North America 

Europe - 3rd and 4th screenshot of the animated screenshots below



How do I optimize my route?

The Optimize Stops function in CoPilot changes the order of the waypoints, stops and even your final destination (if selected) for your trip to match your vehicle preferences and provide the most efficient route possible.

To optimize your journey, select  and Optimize Stops

    Before Optimization                        After Optimization


How do I save/load a trip?

Trips can be saved and loaded in either the MAP or PLAN view. Simply select  and then select Save Trip or Load Trip. Once it has been saved, a trip can be loaded also on the Search Address screen by choosing the option Load Trip .

TIP: Want to plan for the unexpected while on your journey? Use Trip Preview to see a live video of your route including turn by turn instructions and voice guidance. Trip Preview can be found via



How do I set up CoPilot to avoid crossing waterways via ferry on my route?

In order to force CoPilot to avoid routing you across a waterway, you can select Avoid Ferries when setting your Vehicle Routing Profile


How do I plan a trip on my computer or device and transfer to another device?

 Planning to take a long journey or performing a bunch of stops on your route? Pre-plan your trip using CoPilot or another planning software and then easily import the trip into CoPilot by following either of the steps below.

Creating a Route in CoPilot and transferring to another device

  1. Connect the device (with the planned trip) to a PC.
  2. Navigate to the phone's internal storage via Windows Explorer.
  3. Find the com.alk.copilot folder.
  4. Locate the region save folder in com.alk.copilot. For example, NA, EU, SA, etc.
  5. Find your trip file it will be named with the name you've assigned in the Save Trip menu
  6. Copy the file to your desktop.
  7. Connect the device used for routing and paste the .TRP file into the com.alk.copilot folder as done previously.

Creating a Route in Google Maps or another routing software and transferring to the device

  1. Create your route on Google Maps (several video guides could be found in the web).
  2. Export route in .kml format.
  3. Download and install a program to convert the file format .kml to .trp, which is compatible with CoPilot. (You can find software online to do this such as ITN Converter or RouteConverter.)
  4. Connect your Android device to your computer.
  5. Copy the .trp files to the relevant folder com.alk.copilot.*
  6. Start CoPilot and go to and then select Load Trip.
  7. Follow or change the route.

 Trip files are unable to be imported into iOS devices either from CoPilot or another routing software. We are working on removing this limitation from CoPilot. However, you can build a custom POI set for your trip which can then be transferred onto your iOS device. Please refer to (Everything about POIs) for information on importing custom POIs.


*According to the app you have to go to the relevant SAVE folder:

Please select the folder starting with com.alk.copilot, and then select:

  • NA/save (if you have North America maps),
  • EU/save (if you have European maps),
  • SA/save (for South America),
  • OC/save (for Australia),
  • ME/save (for Middle East),
  • AS/save or SEA/save (for Asian maps),
  • AF/save (for maps of Africa).