CoPilot offers you the option to route to Places (POIs) and to customize the way they are displayed while you are driving.

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Search by Places

CoPilot displays few Places categories by default when you search for a destination. You can select a specific category on the same screen by tapping on .


Places are grouped in multiple categories, and sub-categories, including:

  • Emergency & Medical: Hospitals, Medical Facilities, Pharmacies, Police stations
  • Entertainment: Parks, Fitness centers, Movie theaters, museums, etc.
  • Retail: Post offices, Shopping centers, and 11 more categories of retailers (books, home, clothing, etc.).
  • Sports and Entertainment: Amusement Park, Bowling Centres, Camping Sites, Casino, Cinema, Theatres, and Event Facilities, Tourist Attractions, Museums, Historical Monuments, Sports and Recreation Facilities, Ski Resorts and Ice Skating Rinks, Tourist Offices, Wineries, Nightlife places
  • Municipal: government bodies such as City councils, Embassies and Court Houses


How to display POIs on the map

Tap on the main menu and then tap on Settings.  

Tap Map Display & Guidance.

Tap Show Places on Map.

Select Always, When Stopped, or Never. 


On the same screen, tap on Currently Displayed Places in order to select the specific Place categories to display on the map.


How to set the alerts for Places

Tap the main menu then tap Settings; tap on Safety Alerts & Warnings.

Tap on Show Place Alerts.

Tap on Place Alerts to select which alert to use for approaching places.

At the bottom of the screen, tap on Select Places to Alert to select specific places.