CoPilot uses a Vehicle Routing Profile to choose the best route by considering the type of vehicle that you are driving. CoPilot will include predefined profiles for:

  • Auto (automobiles)
  • Motorcycle
  • Bicycle
  • Walking

If you have a subscription for RV or truck routing, you will see additional profiles for those types of vehicles. 

Standard CoPilot

CoPilot with Truck Navigation 

Create Your Own Profile

You can create a custom profile by using one of the predefined profiles as a starting point.

From the main menu list, select Settings and then Vehicle Routing Profiles.

Tap on your vehicle type and select the desired profile settings.

When done, tap Save as New, enter a profile name, and then tap Save.

TIP: CoPilot can store several Vehicle Routing Profiles for any kind of vehicle. Repeat the steps above for each type of vehicle.

Profile Settings

Depending on the type of vehicle and region of the world where you are driving, you can set the following properties in a Vehicle Routing Profile:

  • Route Type: Choose among Practical, Shortest or Quickest.
  • Toll Roads: Specify whether you want CoPilot to avoid or use toll roads when it calculates routes.
  • Avoid Ferries: Specify whether you want CoPilot to avoid ferry crossings when it calculates routes.
  • Allow International Borders: Specify whether international borders can be crossed when planning a trip. 
  • Road Preferences: Select which roadways should be avoided/favored: Freeways, Divided Highways, Primary Roads, Secondary Roads, and Local Streets.

You can edit the settings of any saved profile at any time by taping on View/Edit at the bottom of the Vehicle Routing Profiles screen.