CoPilot uses a Vehicle Routing Profile to choose the best route by considering the type of vehicle that you are driving. Depending on the version of CoPilot that you have purchased, CoPilot will include predefined profiles for:

  • Truck (Heavy Duty, Medium Duty and Light Duty)
  • Auto (automobiles)
  • RV/Caravan
  • Motorcycle
  • Bicycle
  • Walking

Create Your Own Profile

You can also create a custom profile by using one of the predefined profiles as a starting point. To do this:

  1. Tap the Main Menu > Settings > Vehicle Routing Profiles 
  2. Select your vehicle type and tap View/Edit
  3. Choose your profile settings. (See descriptions below.)
  4. Tap Save as New.
  5. Enter a name for your new profile and tap Save.

TIP: CoPilot can store several Vehicle Routing Profiles for any kind of vehicle. Just repeat the process about for each type of vehicle.

Profile Settings

Depending on the type of vehicle and region of the world where you are driving, you can set the following properties in a Vehicle Routing Profile:

  • Route Type: Choose among Practical (Truck profiles only), Shortest or Quickest.
  • ActiveRoutes: Choose whether CoPilot should use historical traffic data to suggest the quickest alternative.
  • Vehicle Dimensions: Enter your vehicle dimensions.
  • Display road restrictions on map: Choose whether CoPilot should show physical, legal and hazardous materials restrictions on the map.
  • Toll Roads: Specify whether you want CoPilot to avoid or use toll roads when it calculates routes.
  • Avoid Ferries: Specify whether you want CoPilot to avoid ferry crossings when it calculates routes.
  • Avoid Propane-Restricted Tunnels: A setting for RV profiles only.
  • International Borders Open: Specify whether international borders can be crossed in routing. 
  • Governor Speed Limiting: Select a governor speed that CoPilot will use in ETA calculations.
  • Hazmat Routing: Specify whether or not you will be carrying any hazardous materials.

NOTE: The Road Preferences in Vehicle Routing Profiles have been removed from CoPilot. This change means that former configurable options such as average road speed and type of roads to avoid/favor have been removed. CoPilot is now more heavily weighted to using live traffic conditions and historical speed data when calculating the best route. The recent change is aimed at improving the route proposals that CoPilot offers you.