CoPilot offers to 2 levels of maps: Full Region and Major Region.

With each subscription, you receive the maps from one Full Region of your choosing: Europe, North America, Asia, Africa, Australasia, Central and South America, and Middle East. Truck and RV subscribers can select North America, Europe or Oceania. 

Each Full region will include the relevant maps of Major Regions within its hierarchy, which could include one or more countries.  Additional map regions for each vehicle type can be purchased separately in the app, as a single group of maps of the world.

View our map coverage:  North America and Europe

To see which maps are included with each Full Region, tap the menu at the top of the screen; tap on My Copilot and then My Maps.

Select any Full Region listed (Europe, North America, Asia, etc.) to see the list of Major Regions and country maps included within that Full Region.

Click here for instructions to install the maps