1. Make sure you have the latest update for your CoPilot app installed (check your online store for updates).
  2. Make sure you have a strong WiFi connection.
  3. In CoPilot, go to MyCoPilot  .
  4. Select My Maps .
  5. Select your map region (e.g. Europe).
  6. If prompted with a dialogue box to download the Map update, tap Continue to begin the download.
  7. Once you have completed downloading the maps, they are stored on your device as usual. You can use CoPilot without mobile data or an Internet connection and without incurring any roaming charges when travelling abroad.


Note: If you own a single region license (e.g. UK & Ireland),  all map updates are incorporated into the app. You will receive the latest map update provided you have updated to the latest software version, and you will not be prompted with a dialogue box to download a map update. If you own a full region license (e.g. Europe), you will be prompted to download a map update when available via MyCoPilot > My Maps.

You can verify CoPilot has updated to the latest maps by checking the map data version via Settings > About CoPilot and seeing the version number displayed next to Data. It includes the year and quarter the data was released (e.g. 2018.03).