You can customize the way CoPilot uses your cellular data on the Data Usage screen.

From the main menu list, select Settings and then Data & Battery.

Tap on Cellular Usage.

Choose which options to enable.

Tap the gray arrow at the top of the screen to go back to the Battery & Usage screen.

Choose which options to enable.

While cellular data is necessary in order for live services like ActiveTraffic and Search (Yelp) to work, it is recommended to download the Maps and the System Files through a stable Wi-Fi network, to prevent any corrupted installation.

How does CoPilot use my cellular/mobile data for Online Search?

The Online Search feature in CoPilot is available amongst possible usage of mobile data as it requires a data connection so that CoPilot can communicate with the server when sending string search request information.

For Online Search to work, CoPilot will first detect if a data connection is present when the app is launched.

If a data connection is not present on the device, then CoPilot will automatically revert to Offline Search mode.