CoPilot’s enhanced traffic service is called ActiveTraffic. ActiveTraffic provides an accurate, live feed via an Internet connected device of traffic incidents that are relevant to your current route. 

We are constantly working with our traffic provider to update coverage. You can see the full list of countries where we currently offer ActiveTraffic here.

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Dynamic Traffic Bar

CoPilot can display a traffic bar alongside the map showing a colour-coded view of real-time traffic conditions along your route. Sections of the route where traffic is moving freely are green, those with moderate congestion, yellow, and severe congestion, red.

  • On the side of the bar you'll see the distance ahead CoPilot is displaying traffic information for along your route.
  • At the bottom of the bar you'll see the amount of time added to your ETA based on current traffic conditions.
  • Tap on the traffic bar at any time to see a map view of traffic conditions on your route and in the surrounding area.


ActiveTraffic - How much data does it use?

Mobile data consumption for traffic varies depending on several factors including trip distance, duration, time of day, and the frequency of route calculation and re-routing. In general, our testing has found that data usage for traffic ranges between 58 MB to 96 MB per month, per device, for customers using CoPilot 10.19 and higher. 

Please see the chart below for data usage at different times of day for two example routes—an urban route in and around New York City, and a more rural route from Krombach in central Germany to Winsen in northern Germany.

Trip Total MBMB per hourTotal MB per month (10 hours per day x 20 days a month)
NYC Trip (7:30am - 2pm)
NYC Trip (4pm - 10:45pm)
Germany Trip (5:15pm - 10:07pm)
Germany Trip (8 am - 1pm

Why is ActiveTraffic not updating?

There are a number of reasons why traffic information may not appear on your device:

  1. Your device may be out of or have low cell/mobile phone coverage for the last couple of checks, and you may not receive the traffic report because of this.
  2. Our Traffic provider may not yet receive the traffic information from the local Highways Agencies and emergency services by the time you reach the traffic blackspot.

Our Traffic Data Providers cover all the major roads in our road network, however this does not always include all minor roads. If you are still encountering an issue with Active Traffic not appearing on your device, please submit a support ticket and include the following information:

  1. Your departure
  2. Your destination
  3. Whether you drive off-route in your journey
  4. Which country you are in
  5. What date you experienced this
  6. What time you experienced this


When does my ActiveTraffic expire?

ActiveTraffic is available as a 12-month subscription. You can check when your subscription expires by tapping on the ActiveTraffic banner in .


My ActiveTraffic has not restored

Make sure the CoPilot ID you have set in MyCoPilot > My Account is the one that you made the purchase with. If it is not you will need to Log out of CoPilot via My CoPilot > My Account and Log on using your original CoPilot ID.

If the CoPilot ID in MyCoPilot > My Account is correct, please select Restore License(s) on this screen. If you are sure you are using the correct CoPilot ID and Password, but you are receiving a restore unsuccessful error or that restore is successful but you still do not have the feature restored, please contact our Support team. Supply the CoPilot ID, and also tell us whether you see a green tick next to the missing feature in .