If you have lost your data after an update, please follow the path  and:

  • Choose Cloud Backup > Restore from Cloud to download your places from the cloud, and
  • Choose Restore Licenses to restore your subscription in your device.

To be extra safe in CoPilot V10 we recommend enabling the Automatically Backup to Cloud option in the Cloud Backup menu. This will backup your data whenever it is updated.

*Also, before running an update of Copilot, please perform a Cloud Backup.

Go to this page for more instructions on how to back up your data.

If the Cloud backup didn't work, unfortunately your favourites will be lost and it won't be possible to recovered them.

To avoid future inconveniences  with your favourites please perform a "manual back up" (Only available for ANDROID devices) 

Android Manual Backup and Restore

For Android devices we suggest to make a local backup of the following files onto your PC/laptop:

  • recents.lst (containing recent destinations)
  • favorites.lst (containing the preferred destinations)
  • all files with the extension .trp (containing saved routes)

If you have a device with a version precedent to Android 10, you should look for this folder: com.alk.copilot.mapviewer/***/save.to find the files named above. Below are the possible locations of this folder according to the version of Android running your device:

/storage/Android/data/com.alk.copilot.mapviewer/***/save  Android 10 and previous versions of Android

/storage/Android/data/com.alk.copilot.mapviewer/files/***/save - Android 10 and Android 11
/emulated/Android/data/com.alk.copilot.mapviewer/files/***/save - Android 10 and Android 11 with external Storage(SD)
/card/Android/data/com.alk.copilot.mapviewer/files/***/save - Android 10 and Android 11 with external Storage(SD) 

Where *** should be replaced by the following:

  • NA/save (if you have North America maps),
  • EU/save (if you have European maps),
  • SA/save (for South America),
  • OC/save (for Australia),
  • ME/save (for Middle East),
  • AS/save or SEA/save (for Asian maps),
  • AF/save (for maps of Africa).


1. Connect your Android to your PC using a USB cable

2. Click on your Phone Drive (once your PC & Windows has detected the phone) 

3. If your Phone has an SD card you will see two drives: CARD and PHONE

4. BACK UP the whole folder on a safe location on your Laptop (rename the folder with an additional number or a different name)  

5. Connect your new Android on your PC

6. Open the folder where you have installed Copilot (PHONE or CARD) 

7. Locate the folder: /storage/Android/data/com.alk.copilot.mapviewer/files/***/save

Where *** should be replaced by the following:

  • NA (for North America maps),
  • EU (for European maps),
  • SA (for South America),
  • OC (for Australia),
  • ME (for Middle East),
  • AS or SEA (for Asian maps),
  • AF (for maps of Africa).

8. Paste the files that you have previously saved on your PC/laptop

9. Disconnect your phone from the PC, Open Copilot and your trips & favourites should be available.