Voice-guided 3D Navigation will provide text-to-speech navigation via your device speakers if the following are set up on your device:

Are you licensed for Full Voice-Guided 3D Navigation in-app?

Follow the path to the store in CoPilot  , and see if you see Unlimited Use of Voice-Guided Navigation displayed with a  indicating that the feature has been activated.

Can you download voices in CoPilot?

Once you go through    to select a voice, tap on the Test button at the bottom of your screen to make sure that you can hear CoPilot speaking.

Is the "Welcome to CoPilot" message audible upon launch?

Go to the sound setting in CoPilot by following the path    and ensure that Say Welcome to CoPilot is enabled; then, restart CoPilot to see if the welcome message is reproduced:

  • If the welcome message can be heard, the missing GPS fix is the reason why you cannot hear the voice instructions.
  • If you cannot hear the welcome message, the sound settings of your device, or your bluetooth speakers, and the compatibility between any external speaker and CoPilot could be the origin of the problem.

Is CoPilot being used with a Bluetooth GPS car speaker?

CoPilot may not be able to output voice guidance depending on your device/receiver's Bluetooth profiles and settings; so, you can disable Bluetooth on your device to see if the voice instruction can be heard. 

Are you able to hear voice guidance but street names are not audible?

Text to Speech (TTS) guidance is the feature which enables CoPilot to speak the names of the streets or the exits on the major roads. It can be enabled by selecting a TTS voice for your language.

Follow the path    and select Language to choose your language; then you will be able to select one of the first options in the list of voices, which will be marked with TTS.