CoPilot uses Bluetooth Media option (or multimedia) source to play audio files for voice guidance. You can hear CoPilot give directions while you listen to music via Bluetooth because the music streaming requires Bluetooth media source on your car radio to get the music from the device.


The device is fully compatible with Bluetooth speaker

You can use CoPilot with a Bluetooth headset, a car system or a portable speaker attached to your windshield, provided that one of these is fully compatible with the device with CoPilot installed.

To test compatibility, please check that:

  1. Buetooth connection is enabled on your dashboard system, portable speaker, or headset
  2. The Bluetooth device is paired with your smartphone
  3. You are able to listen to the music played on your smartphone through the Bluetooth speaker/s. 

If you're experiencing issues with hearing voice guidance, and your device is connected via Bluetooth, the two devices may be not fully compatible (see following section), or there might be a problem with the 3D Navigation feature in your CoPilot.


The device is not fully compatible with Bluetooth speaker

Some car systems or portable speakers only allow phone calls via Bluetooth, but they will not be able to play CoPilot's voice instructions.

On Android devices, in order to bypass this problem, you can deactivate the audio channel for Bluetooth media, so that the instructions can be heard through the device running CoPilot; while phone calls will always go through the Bluetooth connection.

Once your device is paired with the car system or with the portable speaker via Bluetooth, select it from your device' Bluetooth Settings, then disable "Media Audio", as shown in the picture below.


*NOTE: Windows phones and iOS devices do not offer the possibility of choosing between phone and multimedia audio when Bluetooth is enabled


I disabled the Bluetooth connection and I still can not hear CoPilot

If you're experiencing issues with hearing voice guidance, and your device is not connected to a Bluetooth system, please see the articles below for help: