CoPilot is designed to work with most Bluetooth enabled vehicles and devices, supported by at least one of the two commonly encountered Bluetooth profiles: HFP (Hands Free Profile) and A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile).  


  1.  HFP is intended to control a cell phone from a stationary, in-car, hands-free unit.  This profile is a commonly used Bluetooth protocol for phone conversations.  
    • When supported by your car, HFP allows navigation instructions to play over your car speakers even when it is not selected as the audio source.  The intent is to utilize the HFP protocol if the user wishes to. 
  2.  A2DP allows transmitting of stereo audio signals, with much better quality than HFP.  This common profile is used by most music players in the smartphone landscape. 
    • When CoPilot is running on a Bluetooth connected device, all CoPilot sounds will be routed through that speaker.  
    • When a call is received, the HFP Speaker (car) handles the telephone conversation while the CoPilot route guidance switches to playing from the device speakers. This allows you to actually hear both at the same time from separate channels. 

Bluetooth connection is disabled, but can not hear CoPilot thru the device

If you're experiencing issues with hearing voice guidance, and your device is not connected to a Bluetooth system, please see the articles below for help: