(North America and individual Google Play subscribers only. Requires Android 9 and higher.)

CoPilot GPS version 10.28 for Android includes a free trial of our new "online" navigation experience. Current versions of CoPilot store map data and calculate routes on your device. The trial app pulls the latest map data and route calculations from the cloud, and it updates as you navigate the route. A mobile internet connection is required.

The CoPilot trial is being made available at no additional cost as a way to gather user feedback to improve the app for possible release to all subscribers in the future. You can switch back and forth between the existing app and the new online app at any time.

The trial is expected to last until the fall of 2024, but it may end at any time. 

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The navigation screen in the new online app.

How to access the trial

The online app is automatically installed when your device updates to or newly installs CoPilot 10.28. After the update, you are given the option, when you launch CoPilot, to try the new app or continue using the current version.

If you select YES, PLEASE!, CoPilot will also ask for your permission to collect anonymous data because this is a trial intended to improve future versions of the online app.

Please select OK on the screen shown below to share this data.

For further information, please go to Settings > About CoPilot and review the End User License Agreement.

Each time you exit the online app's navigation screen, CoPilot displays the message below that asks for additional feedback. 

Select YES and a feedback page opens in your device's web browser. Select Provide Feedback to continue. You can share your feedback anonymously or provide us with your contact information. 

Switch between apps

While the online app has a very different look from earlier versions of CoPilot, it is designed to be easy to use. (If not, please let us know by sharing your feedback!)   

At any time, you can switch between the current version of CoPilot and the online app. To switch back to the current version.

  1. Select Main Menu > Settings and toggle Use Online Routing off. 
  2. Select Yes in the Switch Back to CoPilot pop-up message.
  3. Close and restart CoPilot.

Please note: Settings, routing profiles, favorite locations and other custom content remain in the current version of CoPilot and are not available in the online app.

If you are using the current version of CoPilot, and want to go back to the online app:

  1. Select Main Menu > New! Online Routing Trial.
  2. Close and restart CoPilot.