When entering addresses into CoPilot, users have traditionally had to input information into two text boxes—one for the city and one for the street address. These searches look for an address match in the map data loaded on the CoPilot device.

In CoPilot and later in Android, and CoPilot and later in iOS, the two boxes have been replaced with a single box where you can enter a complete address, all at once. This new Search feature uses CoPilot's online location database to look for a matching address. To do this, search requires a mobile internet connection—Wi-Fi or mobile data.

If you do not want to take advantage of this enhanced online search, you can continue to use CoPilot's Classic Search for locations offline, with two text boxes. To search offline in the CoPilot map data loaded on the device:

  • Go to Settings > Map Display & Guidance 
  • Tap the Enable Classic Search toggle switch to turn it on (blue).