You can specify which safety alerts and warnings you receive.

From the menu, tap Settings and then Safety Alerts and Warnings.

Scroll down the screen to view all options.

Speed Limit Settings

  • Tap Show speed limit to switch off/on the speed limit indicator.
  • Tap Show speed warning to switch off/on the speed warnings.
  • Tap Warn when exceeding speed limit by, if you want to change the threshold at which the speed warning appears; then tap the required speed.
  • Tap Receive audible speed warning to switch off/on the speed warnings.

Place Alerts

If you have Place Alerts switched on, CoPilot will display an alert when you are within the proximity of specific Places.

  • Tap Place Alerts to select the distance at which to receive an alert. 
  • Tap Select Places to Alert to select the types of places for which to receive alerts.
    • For example, if want to be warned when you are 1 miles from a gas station, tap to select on Gas Station.
  • Tap On Route or Near Route to select whether the alerts will appear only if they are actually ahead on your route, or near your route.

Motion Lock

The Motion Lock safety feature allows you to pick a speed at which the navigation map will be locked, preventing user input. When switched on, the Quick Menu is still available but most of the functions are disabled. Map functions, except zoom and pan, are also disabled.

Motion Lock cannot be switched off until the vehicle has stopped, or is traveling below the motion threshold. 

When switched on, the Motion Lock symbol is displayed on the map.