The RV/Caravan profile that was previously available in Auto and Truck apps was limited in its functionality and not designed to take into consideration dimensions for weight, width or length when calculating a route.

Feedback from users led us to create the CoPilot RV/Caravan app which provides RV/Caravan safe routing by permitting users to enter dimensions for their vehicle and obtain appropriate routing to avoid low bridges, narrow roads, and weight restricted roads.

Our latest CoPilot GPS app update offers a redesigned user experience that makes it possible for all types of vehicle navigation to be supported from a single app including our fully featured RV/Caravan navigation.

At CoPilot we believe that offering both a limited RV/Caravan profile as well as a fully featured profile in a single app would cause confusion for our users, and therefore the decision was made to remove the limited RV/Caravan profile from existing Auto and Truck profiles.

We encourage users of RVs/Caravans to explore the benefits of a fully featured RV/Caravan profile via a free 14 day trial in the CoPilot GPS app. (Creation of a new CoPilot ID will be required in order to do so)