Note: This feature is available in CoPilot Android apps. It will be coming soon to our iOS apps.

Map Feedback is a new feature in CoPilot that allows users to help improve our Map Data in North America. CoPilot users can send feedback related to specific locations that can be tagged along the route along with a detailed description of the event, and potential improvements. 

CoPilot allows reporting for the following:

Types of Feedback
Found in all CoPilot Applications

CoPilot Truck 
*In addition to the general feedback found in all CoPilot applications
  • Missing Address

  • Wrong Location

  • Missing Street

  • Incorrect Road Sign

  • Incorrect One-Way Street

  • Incorrect Speed Limit

  • Temporary/Permanent Closed Road

  • Incorrect Turn Restriction

  • Incorrect Road Name

  • Other

  • Incorrect Height Restriction

  • Incorrect Weight Restriction

  • Incorrect Legal Truck Restriction

  • Incorrect Hazmat Restriction

Steps to tag issue locations and submit Map Feedback

  1. In the CoPilot navigation screen, click  to mark a location for feedback.

  2. Click the CoPilot main menu.  The number on top of menu indicates the number of locations tagged for feedback submission.

  3. Click Map Feedback in the menu .

  4. Select the tagged location and follow the steps in the wizard to submit feedback.

In addition, CoPilot users can also report issues for locations that were not previously marked. Select CoPilot Main Menu > Map Feedback > New Location and follow the steps to submit feedback.

What happens after a submission?

After an edit is submitted, a team of dedicated map data experts carefully inspect and verify all proposed changes before pushing them live to the Trimble MAPS community in the next map data update.

How to enable/disable Map Feedback Feature

CoPilot users may choose to enable or disable the Map Feedback icon from the navigation screen. Click on CoPilot Menu > Map Display > and toggle Map Feedback to On/Off.

Please be informed that Map Feedback is designed with driver safety in mind. If motion lock is enabled, CoPilot users can only tag a location for feedback and submit the issue from the feedback wizard only when the vehicle is not in motion.