Muting all sounds

While driving you can mute ALL sounds by tapping > to turn sounds back on tap >



1. From the Settings menu, tap Sounds . The Sound screen will be displayed. 

2. Tap the left and right arrow under MASTER VOLUME to adjust the sound for the entire app.

3. Tap Mute All Sounds to turn off all sounds in the app. CoPilot will not provide any spoken instructions, alerts or button sounds.

4. Tap Say Welcome to CoPilot to switch on the spoken introduction each time the app is opened.

5. Tap Turn on Click Sounds to switch on click sounds, which will be heard each time you tap a button in the app.

Turn voice guidance off but leave safety camera alerts on

Go to > > > turn off Turn Warning Distances by unchecking each of the boxes. For 'Turn Now' Voice Alert, set it to Never.