Once you've started your journey, you may need to make a detour to reach your destination.

Find an Alternative Road

Your route may use a particular road that you would prefer to avoid.

There are two ways you can do this:

  • Tap on the map to avoid a road

    • Browse the map to find the road along your route that you wish to avoid.
    • Tap the road. An info box will be displayed.
    • Tap > on the info box to bring up more details about the road.
    • Select Avoid This Road.
    • CoPilot will attempt to calculate an alternative route, and the original road will be shown in red on the map to indicate that you have chosen to avoid it.
    • If you change your mind and decide you want to use the road after all, tap the road again and select Allow This Road.
  • Avoid a road from the Directions view

    You can easily choose to avoid a road from the Directions guidance view.

    • Select Directions in the Driving Menu.
  • A turn-by-turn list of all the roads on your journey will be displayed

    • Select the road you want to avoid and tap Yes to confirm.
    • You can compare both routes on the map, and view the distance and estimated journey time for each one.
      • Select Original Route to use the initial route
      • Select Detour Route to accept the detour

You can return to your original route by selecting Detour then Cancel Detour.