Custom sets of Safety Cameras may be imported into CoPilot with associated icons or within the category Safety Camera. To get a list of Safety Cameras you wish to import, you have two options: download a dataset in .OV2 format or .CSV format from the web; or create your list on a spreadsheet.

In both cases, the file to be imported has to meet the following requirements:

  • Its format must be .OV2 or .CSV format (we cannot guarantee .CSV files that are converted into .OV2 or vice versa will function as expected)
  • The following guidelines must be followed:

52.44715-1.71523Natwest - Birmingham  
51.46860.00947Natwest - Blackheath  
  • Every column must start with a heading from the following list. 
    • Lat or Latitude
    • Long or Longitude
    • Name
  • Our importer will recognize items with duplicate Lat/Long/Name and it will not update these. 
  • If you change the name to a new name for the same Lat/Long, a duplicate will be created.
  • If the Name remains but the Lat/Long changes, then that will create a duplicate in a different position on the map.

Safety Cameras' Icons: icons must be in 22 x 22 pixel size in .PNG or .BMP format.

In this article:


Importing Safety Cameras on Android

  • Make sure you quit CoPilot completely on your device and then connect your phone to your computer. (For some Android phones, you may need to enable USB Storage mode.)
  • Go to the relevant SAVE folder. Please select the folder starting with com.alk.copilot,and then select:
    • NA/save (if you have North America maps),
    • EU/save (if you have European maps),
    • SA/save (for South America),
    • OC/save (for Australia),
    • ME/save (for Middle East),
    • AS/save and SEA/save (for Asian maps), 
    • AF/save (for maps of Africa).
  • Copy the PNG files (if you choose to upload custom icons) and associated .OV2 or .CSV files to this folder ensuring they are named the same as the .OV2 or .CSV files and disconnect your phone from your computer by pressing "Turn off USB Storage". 
  • Load the new Safety Cameras on your device.


Importing Safety Cameras on iOS

  • Make sure you quit CoPilot completely on your device.
  • Plug your device into the computer. (iTunes should automatically open, if not, launch it.)
  • If this is the first time you are syncing your device with the PC you will be prompted to respond to a Trust this computer box on the device.
  • In iTunes, select the icon for your iOS device at the top left corner of your screen.
  • Select Apps, you will now be presented with a screen the displays all of your apps and below will be a File Sharing section.
  • Select CoPilot from the Apps area.
  • Then drag and drop or select Add file to load the custom POI images and .CSV/.OV2 files into CoPilot Documents section. The custom POI icons and .CSV/.OV2 files will appear as you drag and drop or add the files to the CoPilot Documents section.
  • Select Apply to make the changes to CoPilot's directories.
  • Select Sync to copy the contents of the CoPilot Documents section to your device
  • Load the new Safety Cameras on your device.


Loading Safety Cameras on your device

Launch CoPilot; it will immediately display a pop up stating that a new POI set has been found and will show you the file name of the POI you imported.

Click the next arrow (to the right) and pick which category to store the POIs under. You can either select the pre-existing category (Safety Camera) or select New Category to add your own.

If you choose to add a new one, enter a name and click next; then choose the icon/image for it and click Next.

Select Yes for the option Are you importing safety camera data?, then click Next. It should then import all your POIs.

If you chose to add a new category, the Custom Safety Cameras POI category can be viewed alongside others and turned on/off.

From the main menu, tap Settings > Map Display & Guidance > Show Places on the Map > Currently Displayed POIs (and similar settings for POI Alerts).


TIP: CoPilot will detect the new data-set as a safety camera one, when the file name starts precisely with the word "safetycam": for instance, if you are importing a data-set referred to UK or Spain, the name could be safetycam_uk.ov2 or safetycam_es.ov2 respectively; and CoPilot will automatically import the data as additional safety cameras to the existing one.

How to set the alerts for Safety Cameras

From the main menu list, tap on Settings and then Safety Alerts & Warnings.

Activate Display Safety Camera Alerts.

Go to Warn when and choose when you wish to be warned of approaching safety cameras.