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You may want to periodically backup your CoPilot Account Settings to safeguard and preserve your CoPilot data, in the event you need to replace a device or reinstall the CoPilot app.

Backup your Favorites, Recents, Routing Profiles and Settings to the Cloud to easily restore your data on a new or existing device to avoid loss.  


From the main menu, tap on My CoPilot and then My Account.

Tap on Cloud Backup under Account Settings.

Tap on Backup to Cloud, then tap OK after the settings have been saved.

Automatic Backup

Automatic backup is convenient and simple; it backs up your CoPilot settings every time you launch CoPilot (internet connection required).

Tap on Cloud Backup under Account Settings, then tap on Automatically Backup to the Cloud.


To restore your backed data, tap on Cloud Backup under Account Settings, then tap Restore from Cloud

Tap OK to continue.

To restore a license (when switching to a new device), tap on Restore License(s).

*Note: Cloud Backup and Restore only works when restoring to the same platform type that was used when the backup was saved. For example, a backup performed on an Android phone can only be restored to the same, or a new android phone. Performing a restore to any other type of device will only restore your license(s).