If you are using CoPilot on an Android device, you can import routes from Google Maps directly to CoPilot, following the instructions below:

  1. Create your route using Google My Maps (several video guides can be found on the web).
  2. Export route in .kml format.
  3. Download and install a program to convert the file format .kml to .trp, which is compatible with CoPilot. (You can find software on-line to do this such as ITN Converter or RouteConverter.)
  4. Connect your Android device to a computer.
  5. Copy the .trp files to the folder com.alk.copilot.mapviewer/*/save. (The asterisk replaces EU, NA, SA, and so on, which indicates the continent depending on the map installed.)
  6. Start CoPilot and tap Plan Trip .
  7. Select , and then click Load Trip to choose the itinerary.
  8. Follow or change the route. 
  9. Use the forum or other resources on the network to share questions and answers on the use of software to convert files of routes. Any assistance in the use of third parties software is beyond the responsibility of CoPilot Technical Support.


NOTE: Google Maps will only accept the input of up to 10 stops.