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Coordinates as a destination

To enter coordinates as a destination, tap on the main menu, and then tap Search.

Tap on Coordinates.


Tap on any item to choose how you would like to enter the coordinates and enter the info accordingly.

Fill in the boxes with the correct coordinates, and tap to choose the appropriate directional box (East, West, South, North).

If you make an error while entering the coordinates, CoPilot will tell you what needs to be corrected.

After you've entered the coordinates correctly, tap > at the top of the screen, and then tap on the address that appears.

On the map screen, tap the star icon at the top of the screen.

Tap either Other (Favorite) (or Work, Home) to choose how the item should be listed. If you'd like to assign a name to this location, type it in the address bar over the address at the top of the screen. Tap Save when done.

The new location will now appear listed in your Favorites.

Display your coordinates on the map

You can choose to display the coordinates of your position.

Tap on the main menu; tap on Settings and then Map Display & Guidance.

Tap on Location Info Display, then tap Lat/Long.

Once Lat/Long has been selected, the coordinates of your position will be displayed on the map. (This will be useful when reporting an issue with places or speed limits in our maps.)