CoPilot handles your sensitive information with the utmost security possible. We do not share information with other third party companies and use your information only to provide a more seamless experience while navigating.

CoPilot will access the following segments of your device:

  • Contacts (Address Book) -- So you can navigate to your friends, favorite places, workplaces, without this information being shared with any of our systems. It is managed entirely locally, on your device, and not accessible by third parties.
  • Location (Data network and GPS receiver based) -- Position through the GPS signal and the data network.
  • Phone (Phone status) -- CoPilot checks the battery charge status and the energy level is sufficient to allow the use of the CoPilot GPS.
  • CoPilot store -- Your personal ID, the device ID and the license codes are stored in your device and on our servers, to enable efficient management of licenses and accounts, and to assist in the event of CoPilot malfunction.

No data from CoPilot is transmitted to third parties, and any data in our possession is handled in compliance with existing rules on the processing of individual and personal data.