Motion Lock is a safety feature that limits your ability to interact with the navigation map while on the move. 

If you enable this feature, CoPilot will disable your ability to tap or pan around the map while travelling above a specified speed. If you disable this setting, you can interact with the map display fully at any speed.

Enable or Disable Motion Lock

From the main menu list, tap on Settings and then Safety Alerts & Warnings.

Tap on Motion Lock.

Tap the slider button to engage Motion Lock.

Choose the speed at which to engage Motion Lock — the minimum speed you're travelling at before the map becomes locked for safe, hands free driving. Choose from 5, 10, 15 and 20 mph.

When Motion lock is enabled, an indicator button will be displayed on the top left of the map screen.

To disable Motion Lock, tap the slider button again.

Passenger Mode

A front passenger can also disable motion lock by tapping on the indicator button to start interacting with the map. 

When asked if you would like to Enable passenger mode and unlock the screen, select Yes.