North America

CoPilot Premium and GPS with North American regions come powered with our MapSure map correction service. If you encounter an incorrectly named road or missing roadway on your travels, we ask that you report the error through MapSure.

From the main menu, tap Map Feedback.

Tap on New Location to open the map screen with your current location marked.

Tap the location on the map that you want to report, then tap on the green checkmark.

Tap on > adjacent to the issue being reported, or choice Other.

You can describe the issue in further detail in the space provided (optional), then tap on Continue.

Review the details in the report then tap Submit.

Other Regions

You can report mapping errors in a CoPilot Support Ticket

Include details such as street name/number, postcode and the specific correction needed. Please also include the map data version number installed with your CoPilot App. 

From the main menu, tap on Settings and then on About CoPilot.

You can take a screen shot of this data and attach it to the CoPilot Support Ticket , or type the Map and App version numbers, including Year, Quarter, Road Network and Build into the ticket.

For routing issues related to mapping, please provide the start and end destination, and the map regions installed on your device, including any intermediate stop(s) and/or waypoint(s) you may have used for further investigation.

To retrieve the Map Regions installed on your device, tap on the main menu. Tap on My CoPilot and then My Maps.

Note on Maps

Outside of North America, CoPilot maps are drawn based on those which can be viewed online at For example, if a street or a speed limit is missing from your CoPilot, one of the following scenarios may present:

  1. The road/speed limit is on and it is tracked as the real one. (Will be included in a future CoPilot update)
  2. The road/speed limit is on but it is misleading for those who must follow the instructions since it carries substantial errors.
  3. The road/speed limit is missing on

If scenarios 2 or 3 applies to your situation, then please submit a CoPilot Support Ticket , including the following details when available: 

  • Latitude and Longitude
  • Town and Country, or Province
  • Postcode
  • House number, if relevant
  • Map Data Version number installed on the device

We thank you for your collaboration.