In North America

CoPilot Premium and GPS with North American regions installed come powered with our MapSure map correction service. If you encounter an incorrectly named road or missing roadway on your travels, we ask that you report the error to MapSure via > . For further instructions see: Reporting map issues withMapSure

For Other Regions

We ask that CoPilot Premium and GPS customers report mapping errors via a support ticket with details including street name/number, postcode and the correction needed to be made, along with the map data version number that you can find in About CoPilot.

For routing issues related to mapping, please provide the start and end destination, and the map regions installed on your device at  including any intermediate stop(s) and/or waypoint(s) you may have used for further investigation.

Note on Maps

Outside of North America, CoPilot maps are drawn based on those which can be viewed online at This means that, for example, if a street or a speed limit is missing from your CoPilot, one of the following scenarios may present:

  1. the road/speed limit is on and it is tracked as the real one;
  2. the road/speed limit is on but it is misleading for those who must follow the instructions since it carries substantial errors;
  3. the road/speed limit is missing on

In case 1, as the road/speed limit is already part of the changes made to the maps, it will be included in a future CoPilot update. There is no need to contact us. Only in scenarios 2 and 3 it is worth sending us an alert, including the following details when available: latitude and longitude; town and county/province; postcode; house number if relevant; map data version installed on the device.

We apologize in advance if any suggestion by our users seems to take too long before appearing in the offline maps. 

Thanks for your collaboration.