Requests for corrections reported by users are forwarded to our maps' providers. Then the details are verified, amended and tested; eventually, they are distributed to the users through the free map updates, which occur usually once or twice a year, depending on the region. CoPilot maps are offline; so, unlike other Internet applications, they cannot be updated instantly.

US & Canada apps: we issue a free map update for current app store versions of CoPilot every quarter.

Europe apps: we aim to provide at least two free map update per year.

All other apps (Europe, Australasia, Africa, Middle East, South America): we aim to provide at least one free map update per year.

You'll know when a map update is available because we will:

  • Mention this in What's New in the app store
  • Send a news update to the News & Updates section  of your app and
  • Display a message in-app the next time you try to download maps. 

Simply connect to WiFi and download your required maps as usual. Our article How do I report a map error or update? contains a few useful instructions which could help in speeding up the process of updating the maps.