Requests for corrections reported by users are forwarded to our maps' providers. Then the details are verified, amended and tested. Eventually, they are made available to CoPilot users through free map updates periodically each year. Our article How do I report a map error or update? contains a few useful instructions which could help in speeding up the process of updating the maps.

The frequency of map updates depends on the map region. Our aim is to provide them as often as necessary, though generally updates become available a few times a year:

US & Canada apps: Quarterly

Europe apps: Bi-annual

All other apps (Australasia, Africa, Middle East, South America): Annual

We make every effort to advise you when a new update is available, including:

  • Send and display a message within the CoPilot app that you will see the next time you try to download maps.
  • Send and display a message to the Recently Updated and What's New sections in the app stores
  • Send a news update to the News & Updates section of the CoPilot app
    • To check News & Updates, tap on the main menu of the app, tap My CoPilot, and then News & Updates.


Since CoPilot maps are offline, they cannot be updated instantly. However, you simply need an active Wi-Fi connection to download the available updates.