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How to set up my home/working place as favorite

Save your HOME and WORK addresses by tapping the main men and then search  .

Tap on the Star.

Select Home or Work to enter an address.

Type in the address and then tap 'Save'.

Repeat to add work address.


How does the CommuteMe feature work?

Enable Commute

If you enable this feature, CoPilot will learn your preferred daily commute and then use it every time you commute between home and work with real-time traffic* and ETA information along the way. If you disable this setting, CoPilot will calculate a route based on your Vehicle Preferences.

Enable Commute On

You can choose which days of the week you would like to use CommuteMe to help guide you between home and work. You can also set which time of day you would like to use CommuteMe to guide you along your preferred route. 

*ActiveTraffic subscription required. ActiveTraffic requires a mobile Internet connection and may incur data charges from your mobile network.


How do I set-up CommuteMe?

Once you have set your HOME and WORK addresses, and you are ready to start your daily commute, tap . Then:

  • If you're driving to work, select
  • If you're driving back home from work, select

Start driving your daily commute, your way, ignoring CoPilot's guidance if necessary.

Important Note: Once you reach your home or work please close your CoPilot app using Apple iOS multitasking. If on Android hold the Home button until the recent apps are shown then you swipe away CoPilot. If on Windows Phone hold the back button and then select the "x"� on the CoPilot app.

How do I use CommuteMe once CoPilot has recorded my preferred routes to and from Home/Work?

Start your CoPilot App. Upon launch CoPilot will detect your location being near either Home or Work, and a pop-up will be displayed asking you to confirm you wish to drive using your saved route.

How do I change my saved route?

Just drive a different route Home or Work more than once. When you reach your destination, CommuteMe will ask if you want to save this new route as your new preferred commute.

Will my Privacy be affected by CommuteMe?

Details of your route between Home and Work and vice-versa are not shared by us. Your routes are only saved on your device to help improve your daily drive.

I've saved my Home and Work locations but CoPilot is not showing me the CommuteMe pop-up. Why?

For CoPilot to detect that it's time to go to work or back home when you start the app, you must close the app at the end of your previous journey. If CoPilot is left running in the background at the end of a journey the CommuteMe pop-up may not be displayed on restart. Just make sure you close your CoPilot app completely after each journey.

How do I deactivate CommuteMe?

Tap on the CommuteMe pop-up, or by going to CommuteMe, through the path .


How to switch between 3D, 2D views

When on the map screen you can toggle between the two views by tapping the main menu and then choosing to switch to 2D, or  to switch to 3D.


How to switch to Directions only or Safety View

Once you have started your trip by tapping  you can choose to view directions only or safety view.

From the map screen, tap the main menu and select 'Safety View'.

To switch from Safety View to view directions, tap the bottom info box  icon.


You can switch back to Safety view by tapping the top info box icon 

At the top you can switch between Directions view and Safety view.


How does lane assist work?

On major roads and complex junctions CoPilot can display arrows to indicate which lane you need to be in ahead of you next turn. These will be displayed at the top of the screen

You also have the option to enable a full screen realistic view with lane indicators at major junctions and exits from  > Clear Turn Display



How to view ETA, speed, distance or time remaining to reach my destination

The info boxes at the bottom of the screen display speed, distance to next turn, and ETA. 

By tapping on them you can choose which type of information to display:


How to set up speed limit alerts

Choose whether to see the speed limit for the road you're travelling on shown on the map, and whether you would like to receive visual and/or audible warnings while driving. You can choose the speed at which you are exceeding the limit in 5mph/5kph increments.

From the main menu, select 'Search' and then choose 'Safety Alerts & Warnings.