The Driving Menu provides quick, easy access to the key features you'll need for planning and navigation. The features shown may vary depending on your mode of travel.

 Search - Simply tap the search button and you'll be brought to the screen to find addresses, search online* and explore millions of Places.

 2D/3D Map - Choose between a 2D or 3D map perspective.

Tip: CoPilot can also automatically switch between day and night mode. See how to modify the style of the maps.

 Conveniently mute all sounds with one simple tap.

 Trip - Shows you the best possible route for your journey, as well as additional route options, each with accurate ETAs, to compare. 

 Main Menu - Access all of CoPilot's controls, including  Settings,  MyCoPilot,  News & Updates and much more.


*Requires a mobile Internet connection and may incur data charges from your mobile network.