iOS Maps are stored in the phone memory.

Android For compatible phones, you can choose whether to store maps on the internal phone memory, or on a SD card. Continue reading for more information.

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How much memory do I need to store CoPilot's maps?

The size of the maps varies for each region. For greater flexibility, you can download maps for an entire continent as a single map (approx. 4GB required) or, you can download individual regions, which generally range in size from 150Mb to 900Mb each.

Is it possible to save maps to my SD card on Android?

You will need Android OS KitKat 4.4.4 or above in order to see and use the SD Card option in the UI, and will work on most devices. We recommend you do not encrypt the SD card if using CoPilot, as doing so can cause corruption issues with the app.

If you are unable to install maps to the SD card, then please check the following:

  • Ensure an SD card is inserted into the device.
  • If you have already downloaded maps to Internal memory, then go to My Maps  and delete all. You can redownload the maps by selecting SD card as the destination.
  • If the SD card option is not available, check that the SD card has been inserted and that no other maps have been downloaded to the internal memory. CoPilot will only allow maps to be downloaded to one memory option for each continent.

How do I check to see if I have the latest map data?

Go to: Settings > About CoPilot to see the versions installed with your app.

Listed below are the current map data version numbers: 

  • North American maps: GRD_ALK.NA 2024.02 
  • European maps: GRD_NT.EU 2024.01
  • Africa maps: GRD_NT.AF 2024.01
  • Middle Eastern maps: GRD_NT.ME 2024.02
  • Asia map: GRD_NT.AS 2024.01
  • Australasia maps: GRD_NT.OC 2024.01
  • South America map: GRD_NT.SA 2023.04