You are only permitted to use ONE CoPilot license on one device at a time (as detailed in the End User Licensing Agreement) EULA. If you've purchased multiple licenses, we recommend using a different CoPilot ID for each license.

For example, if you would like to use CoPilot on both your phone and tablet simultaneously, you would need to purchase a license for each device. It is not permitted to register multiple devices to the same CoPilot ID account at the same time.

CoPilot license(s) are linked to an e-mail account (CoPilot ID) which forms part of the EULA, and these licenses are registered to the app store accounts used for purchase: Google Play (Android) / App Store (iPhone/iPad).

If you download your CoPilot app from Google Play (Android) / App Store (iPhone/iPad) to a new device - be sure to use the same store ID and sign in to CoPilot with the same CoPilot ID.