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Re-installed Copilot on my Tablet - now reports NO Internet

i un-installed Copilot from my Samsung tablet as it was acting strangely and when I re-installed it and tried to login I entered my email address and password but the next thing I get is an error msg stating NO INTERNET and directing me to the website.

I have used your software for sometime on my tablet as it has GPS and wifi internet but no cellular connections.  I prefer the larger screen size over my cell phone.  I had un-installed the app because it would not let me download the maps I needed as it kept stating I had NO INTERNET but then once I re-installed it I was unable to login to the app at all.

I like your app as it has the map installed instead of relying on the internet and gps.  A couple weeks ago when I reverted to using google maps for directions to a location my cell phone lost all connectivity to the internet so Gmaps could not give me the necessary directions.

Now what can I do to get logged back into my Copilot app??


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