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Split Screen Mode CoPilot?

I use CoPilot 10 in my Motorhome, an a 10in Galaxy Tablet (Android).

It would be helpful if the app would support Android Split Window mode?

My Motorhome is based on a Fiat Ducato, which has a known issue in that the speedometer is not visible in bright light.

In Split window mode I could run CoPilot alongside an OBD2 speedometer app, both on screen at the same time.

I know that CoPilot can show speed, but the OBD2 app can show more, such as Rev Counter and Fuel Guage, ans my tablet has more than enough screen estate to view both app at the same time, Even allowing a 2:1 split infavor of CoPilot.

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Hi Peter, Thanks for your suggestion. 

We are sorry but the functionality of a split screen incorporating another external App, is not available with CoPilot. 

Your comment has been passed to our development team for future enhancement of our CoPilot GPS App. 

At this moment, unfortunately, we are unable to give any more details if and when this will be implemented.


CoPilot Consumer Support

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