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Hands free

I would like to see hands free voice commands enabled within CoPilot, I think it's already a very good app, and this feature would make it great.

I ride a motorcycle and have a BT headset/mic combination for communicating with my smartphone, which I keep in a pocket because I don't want to be distracted from riding by struggling to see small screen. CoPilot is setup in "safe view" so there are no dynamics maps, just the audio turn by turn instructions which is exactly what is required. However if I need to adjust the navigation to "clear stop" I have to pull over, take my gloves off, extract the smartphone from the pocket and put my reading glasses on!! Just to achieve one simple instruction.

If CoPilot was able to recognise just a few simple voice commands such such as "clear stop" or "take me home" etc. while riding it would make life so easy; with one simple voice command all that fumbling around could be avoided and the riding could continue uninterrupted.

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