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Ability to Save Alternative Route Option

When you plan a route there are often alternative routes  that you can select and recalculate it. For example select a shorter route using 'A' roads instead of a longer one via a motorway.

I have saved the alternative route, but on loading it again, the saved route it has gone back the 'primary' route and not the alternative I have saved.

I think there should be an option to save and load the alternate route. 

It's a bit frustrating to have to remember to reprogram the route on loading it every time.

If you agree can you please support this feature request...?


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If you choose waypoints on the Alternative route such that only the chosen Aternative route is highlighted then the Saved route will be the Alternative route highlighted.  On Loading only the Alternative route will be shown.

This also applies to any other route you choose which is not the CoPilot primary route.

However, this is rather clumsy and I agree with your request that there should be another way of Saving user-chosen routes.
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