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Destination search

 I have noticed that you are using Yelp for searches, this is not a good idea as the data is both incomplete and wrong most of the time.

Could you start to use Google, or even Bing please?

You really do need to get rid of yelp.

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Agreed. Yelp search is just plain useless. I often have Turn turn CoPilot off and use Google maps to find locations. Poor choice, CoPilot.

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I totally agree. The yelp search option is worse than useless. You previously used Google and should return to Google immediately. I cannot use CoPilot with Yelp. Very disappointing.

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PLEASE allow the option to use Google search natively within the app. There are other discussions where it was stated that Copilot used Yelp purposely based on user feedback. I don't want to be negative if other people actually do (??) like Yelp however there has to be a significant population that would prefer Google. The suggested workaround to find your destination using another app and copy into Copilot is really a hassle for the user. Please also remove the requirement to input a city or zip before searching. This defeats the purpose of modern search. These improvements would make this app much more approachable and competitive. Hesitant to drop $150 for truck version as a result.

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Yelp is useless. Please provide a alternative. It’s not an alternative to google the address in google maps and than use the app, than it’s easier to use the google maps itself. I love your software and have all my maps in copilot, please change your search engine.

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