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Improvements (search, map etc.)

Hello everyone, After a discussion with the support team, I was asked to post my requests or problems here.

1) When planning a trip, it would be interesting to have the profile of the course with the maximum altitude reached especially when choosing the route in mountainous region.

2) The display of the passes with the altitude would be a plus during the guidance

3) it would be interesting to be able to manage the sound like this: simply 3 icons with "Active Sounds", "Alerts only" and "Cut Sounds".

4) On booking, when you click on the "coordinates gps" link, copilot launches and displays "unknown coordinates". Is it possible to correct this?

5) Is it possible to have a map in relief?

6) The search system is to review, it's too complicated. Why do not you use autocompletion as on waze, because with Coplilot it's another age.


Thank you for your feedback


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 This would be great after the bug fixes have been made. Altitude reporting with a G
PS that doesn't do what it is suppose is rather a moot point.

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Improvements (search, map etc.) : CoPilot App Stores