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Over Speed Limit Warning

It would be great to either set the speed limit warning by percentage or sounding at the limit. The minimum setting of 5mph over the limit is next to useless in the UK. There is a discretionary 10% allowance on speeding in the UK, so going 35mph in a 30mph limit or 45mph in a 40mph limit is definitely going to get you a fine and points on your licence, and it is still probable by going 55mph in a 50mph limit as the 10% is only at the police officers discretion. I really don't see the point of being able to set the warning when exceeding by 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30mph. Surely speeding by these amounts over any limit is totally irresponsible.

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This is an extremely good point. I mentioned this when leaving a review of co-pilot in Google Play. The 5mph is really useless. I actually would be quite happy to have an immediate warning if I exceed the speed limit. This is easily done by 1mph and is seized upon as a source of revenue by councils.

My previous satnav was Garmin and this wa how that worked.

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Please note Copilot developers. New speeding laws and fines are now in place in the UK. From 24th April 2017 you can now be fined up to 175% of your weekly salary. Fines start by going 1mph above the speed limit. This feature should now be a must rather than a request. The new speeding fines are as follows. Band A, 1-10mph, 25-75% of weekly wage. Band B, 11-21mph, 75-125% of weekly wage. Band C, 21mph and over, 125-175% of weekly wage. All plus 3 points on you licence as well.

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These points are extremely valid.
I installed CoPilot several years ago - but rarely use it, as I want an app that will warn me at the speed limit. As others have said, 5mph over the limit will get you a speeding ticket in the UK.
So - I use Sygic most of the time - which is not as user friendly to set up - but allows warnings to be set from zero to 12mph over the limit within built up areas or outside of built up areas independently [using a slider bar for each].
I would much prefer to use CoPilot - but until this issue is resolved it is of little use.


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You can get a ticket for 1mph over the limit in the UK, but that would be unlikely to stand if you went to Court with a Barrister.  The only place to do this AFAIK was Blackpool, and they stopped it when confronted by strong legal representation.

ACPO gives guidance on when a ticket should be issued, and this is documented here by the CPS

This very much applies to Speed Cameras, an individual Officer can take stronger view, but they would have to get that past their local CPS in order to effect a prosecution; who would point to the reference above.


I agree - why not have it be a field you can enter in what you want? 1 mph, 1 kmh, 4 mph, 4 kmh... In the USA most here do 7 mph...

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I find it interesting to note that there hasn't been any comment from co pilot.

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For me, it doesn't show OR sound and I'm using in GTA, Canada. I've Android 6.0.1 installed on 2 Car DIN and Spoken street works well. Any suggestion....

Come on Co Pilot, let's have some sort of response to our problem.

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Hi all CoPilot users,

we are aware of all the good points you have flagged to our attention regarding Speed Limits and how you would like to see it overhauled and improved with all your feedback.

We are pleased to say that our development team is working on the feature even though at the present we don't have a specific timeline for when and how it will be implemented.

This is mainly due to the fact that CoPilot is a worldwide navigation software and we need to address the change in a manner that is going to be compliant with different laws and regulations.

Nevertheless, it is great to see how much you care about our navigation software and how much you want to make it more and more yours.

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It would be simple to just add another option of either 0 or 1mph overspeed no need for compliance as it’s up to the user to select. Regardless surely 1mph is more likely to comply the 5mph? I have had a ticket in the UK for doing 5mph over the limit
I agree with the comments here we need an option for 1mph over speed just like other apps or stand alone satnavs. By having a minimum of 5mph you make the warning almost useless. I would've used copilot as my main satnav if it had this option. This was also requested in the old forums too. Surely it can't be that difficult to add?


I have solved this problem. I use Google maps which can do things co pilot can't and bought a Snooper my speed XL that most effectively solves the over speed problem. I have a suspicion that this post will never get, errr, posted.
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