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Favourites and/or Recents: sorting and order, folders, appearance

 Please, post here any comment on how you'd wish to see the favourites and or recents saved and displayed in CoPilot.

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 I'd wish to see the favourites or choose for example: "camera" for "tourist attraction", "bed" for "lodging" and "knife and fork" for "restaurant". Thanks a lot

Previous versions you could sort the favourites into any order; that would be nice again. OR sort within folders,

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Good ideas / suggestions.

Personally I'd really like an instant filter, like you get with contacts. I try and create a structured naming convention, so stuff sorts logically, but it's still pretty slow to scroll through a big list of favourites.




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My habbit has been looking for those Favourite icons/symbols to locate the place where I want to go to, regardless how much I zoom in or zoom out the maps, just like TomTom, Google Maps, Nokia maps on Symbian platform which always show the "stars" or "favourites" symbols. With the current version of CoPilot I am able to see the Favourites only when the maps are zoomed in to a certain degree which in my opinion reduces efficiency a lot.

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I would just like to have a simple alphabetical arrangement for the Favorites,,, makes for a much faster look-up when building a route,, most helpful if it happens to be a multiple stop LTL load,,,,

Thank you


Being able to create folders in Favorites would be very helpful. E.g. when traveling to foreign cities I would like to create a folder for each city so I can create favorites for my accommodations, sites, transportation, etc. Also, I would create folders for Friends, Businesses, Trailheads, etc.

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