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Bluetooth conflict

I cannot use Copilot with my Bluetooth enabled car if I want to listen to the radio or a cd.

I have another satnav app (Here) which allows me to deactivate Bluetooth within the app but phone calls work fine and I can listen to the radio or cd whilst getting directions through the phone speaker.

Any suggestions as to how I can get around this?

Thanks very much

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I would say this depends also to the bluetooth logic in your car. In my car a can select "Audio" (A2DP)  or Handfree via Bluetooth, which means that my car will play audio from either selected source. So if i disable A2DP i can still use the phone for telephone functionality, and vice versa. If done so, direction come through the phone speaker. Maybe look for something like that.

I have a 2015 Jeep and have this same issue. WAZE has an in app function that allows me to force voice directions through my iPhone speaker instead of my vehicle uConnect system. I haven't seen a similar switch in CoPilot RV. How can this feature be suggested to the programmers?
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Bluetooth conflict : CoPilot App Stores