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Offline Backup (in addition to the cloud backup)


I want to suggest, to find a way to backup setting (driving profiles, unite preferences, language etc...) offline like you can backup your favorite places or your recent destinations so that I can keep the settings file in my device and restore it if something goes wrong and the internet connection isn't available.


Vangelis Filippas

Athens (EU)

*CoPilot for Android

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Hello Vangelis,

driving Profiles are saved in the "routingprofiles.db" File. 

Preferences, language.... I don't know. Maybe the Support can write something.

Cheers Joachim

Thanks Joachim

The support told me that making an offline backup of settings isn't available right now.

Hopping to make this happen one day.


Why does cloud backup not store all my favourites?

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Because it has been messed up for some time.

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