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Needed Option - create folders to put POI's in

Cyril MacPhee created topic

2 days ago on Sat, 8 Sep at 3:56 PM

First I love the program, using it now for 6 years but i have seen areas where CoPilot can be improved and hope they will listen. 1. Give us the opportunity to make folders so we can organize our points of intrest. I am a Canadian trucker who crosses the border weekly. i would love the ability to have separate folders for Border Crossings, Fuel Stops, Rest Areas...ect. you get the point. Getting tired of scrolling through one long list of POI's. Seriously it can't be that hard. 2. Please go back to the option of letting us modify our routes by touching the screen and dragging our finger to a route that is not suggested. 3. If copilot adopts my idea of letting users create their own directories for POI's....give the option of putting them either in alphabetical order or by distance....so i can quickly see how close is my rest area before i run out if time on my elogs. 4. Here is an idea that I have never seen offered by any GPS manufacturer.... give us the option of seeing how much we are earning as we drive....simply have an area where we input our "cents per mile" that into copilot truck and we can then watch how much money we're making! You advertise that you have that new function and I bet your sales will increase. My biggest beef with CoPilot truck is still and always will be (until its fixed) is the inability to create folders to put our POI's in. Love to hear the feed back from other drivers and CoPilot too!

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Needed Option - create folders to put POI's in : CoPilot App Stores