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Colour of routing (prev. green, now blue)

In v9 and previous versions the colour of the routing was green and was now changed to blue (v10). Unfortunately motorways or highways are displayed in blue as well (e.g. German, British, American maps). Therefore the colour of the routing overlays the signature of these roads in the same colour, which is far from being ideal.

I accept that blue might be a better routing colour than green for some other map styles which I do not use. So in the case to restore green is out of the question choose red instead or make it possible to select the routing colour in the settings.

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On my phone, when I go into Settings, then Styles...there are many map styles and colors to choose from. I simply chose one that did not have highways marked in blue.

I'd also like to see options for the routing color. I think green is better, or even yellow or red... Let us have a choice!

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