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Really enjoying the ease of using the what3words mapping service.

I notice that other satnav products are beginning to use this service to search and locate venues.

When wiill copilot start to incorporate it?

For now, I have moved from copilot to navmii, which is using what3words really well.

But I prefer the look and feel of copilot, so hopefully you will incorporate what3words soon.


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Dear Barry, 

Thanks for participating in our Forum and for creating a new topic. 

What3words is a very interesting new geocoding system but still has to be tested for world and remote locations. We may consider it as an option in the future as well as other geocoding technologies. 

What we are trying to implement in Copilot in the near future, is a single "search box" that is currently under development.

Thanks for trusting Copilot!


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Thanks for this.  I notice that what3words does seem to be worldwide, that is what they claim.  I haven't tested that yet. 

Seems to work a charm in Navmii- but an inferior design to Copilot, so PLEASE hurry with incorporating what3words!!!


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