The New Forum

The current set-up of the forum yields different changes, due to a change in the Support systems in use at ALK Technologies.

1. The previous forums, segregated by language have made way to a single multi-language forum: so, any discussion in any language will be posted and visible in the same forum. 2. The forum is moderated, which means that every new discussion needs to be approved by the moderators before being published. 3. The forum includes the following 3 sections: - Announcements: only CoPilot Support will post here - Tips & Tricks: topics to discuss here are suggestions, how-to’s and tips about our app - Suggested Features: as in our previous forum, we will try to channel here any relevant suggestion to further improve the functionality of our app. 4. As a consequence of the previous points, any post which does not fall into the categories listed above won’t be published in the forum, but instead converted to a Support ticket and replied to by our Support team.

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The New Forum : CoPilot App Stores