Apple App Store (iOS)

Once you download and start your free trial of the CoPilot GPS app, you will be given the option to purchase a subscription to continue using the app’s voice-guided navigation, real-time traffic and 3D maps. The subscriptions options include:

  • Automobile routing (12 months of navigation and traffic)

  • RV/Caravan and auto routing (12 months of navigation and traffic)

  • Commercial truck and auto routing (One month of navigation and traffic; or 12 months of navigation and traffic)

If no upgrade has been made after the trial period, the only available functions will be follow-me  in 2D mode, without any planning or voice prompt.

Google Play (Android)

CoPilot Truck and CoPilot RV/Caravan are available as separate apps on Google Play, with versions specific to different regions of the world. For Truck, options include:

CoPilot Truck

  • CoPilot Truck is our full-featured navigation app that includes turn by turn voice guidance, 3D maps, ability to add custom weight, height, hazmat and other truck specific routing features.

  • CoPilot Truck also includes 12 months real-time ActiveTraffic service. 

  • CoPilot Truck is a one time payment for the lifetime of app, and any map updates are available free of charge for the lifetime of the app.


CoPilot Truck GPS

  • CoPilot Truck GPS allows customers to have a 14-day trial of all the full premium features that come with CoPilot Truck.

  • CoPilot Truck GPS allows you to upgrade after the trial ends to either a 30-day license or a 12-month license, rather than a lifetime license as you get with the CoPilot Truck. 

  • CoPilot Truck GPS can be downloaded via the Google Play Store or via the App Store

CoPilot Truck is also available in Europe through our own store