How to move to the CoPilot GPS replacement app?

We recommend that you first backup your settings in the current app, and then download the CoPilot GPS app.

How do I perform a Cloud Backup?

It's good practice to regularly back-up your account settings to safeguard your data. Cloud Backup saves all your settings, recent trips, favorites, home, work, and profiles - so they’re available in the new app once you log in.

  • Go to MyCoPilot > MyAccount > Cloud Backup
  • Tap Backup

Where do I download the CoPilot GPS app?

Download the GPS app from the Apple AppStore or Google PlayStore

How do I restore my Cloud Backup?

Open the CoPilot GPS app and login with your CoPilot ID. All your settings, recent trips, favorites, home, work, and profiles will automatically be restored to the new app - simple.

More info on Cloud backup

Forgotten the password for your CoPilot ID?

If you have forgotten the password for your CoPilot ID, please enter the email address you used to create your account to receive a reminder. To do this:

  • Go to Main Menu > MyCoPilot > My Account
  • Select Login, then tap Forgot your password
  • Enter the email address you used to create your CoPilot ID, then tap Continue 
  • You'll receive a temporary password by email; use it to login and then change/create confirm a new secure password 

How to change the password for your CoPilot ID?

To set a new password for your CoPilot ID: 

  • Make sure you are already logged in with your CoPilot ID
  • Go to Main Menu > MyCoPilot > My Account
  • In Account Info, tap the password field  
  • Enter your current password, then create and confirm a new secure password 
  • Tap Submit to save the changes


Will there be a cost?
No, don’t worry - all your existing features, settings and purchases will be restored in the new app.

Existing CoPilot users with retired apps will receive unlimited premium navigation in the replacement app at no extra cost.

Any existing in-app purchases like traffic and additional maps will be restored. You can purchase any new features/services/maps via an in-app purchase.

Why is CoPilot retiring some apps?

Retiring older apps helps to ensure you receive the best navigation experience across tailored versions built with different drivers in mind.

What is the difference between the retired and replacement app?

With the new app, you can manage your maps more easily and get additional maps from around the world via an in-app purchase while still enjoying the same premium navigation features and .

I have multiple CoPilot apps.

If you have purchased multiple CoPilot apps and created a different CoPilot ID for each app using a different email address, you will be able to keep your existing app purchases separate. Of course, our Support team will be happy to assist you if all your CoPilot apps have been registered under the same account and you wish to keep them separate in your device/s.

Otherwise, CoPilot GPS will allow you to bring any app you have purchased in the past into one single app.

I have the Premium app but I no longer use it, I use the GPS app instead.

If you previously used your CoPilot ID from the premium app to log-in to the GPS app, then you have already recovered your licenses and do not need to perform the replacement app process. Doing so will remove all your current settings and favorites and overwrite them with the ones from your premium app.

What will happen to my free 12 months of Traffic?

The number of days remaining on your active Traffic subscription will be transferred over to the replacement app. 

To check how many days you have remaining:

  • Go to Main Menu > Store

Why do I see HD apps on my iOS device?

The apps labelled HD are optimized to work on both iPad and iPhone in full-screen mode.

Thank you for relying on CoPilot navigation. We are committed to bringing you the very best navigation experience tailored to your driving needs.