We’re upgrading your experience! Move to our new CoPilot GPS app and all your premium features, purchases and settings will be restored. We’ll keep you navigating the roads with safe, reliable guidance and ongoing app and map updates. 

CoPilot is retiring a few applications currently offered in Apple’s App Store.  Although you will be able to continue to use any app installed on your iPhone/iPad, these applications will no longer receive any app or map updates.

Which apps are being retired?

The following CoPilot apps on Apple’s App Store are affected:

Retired Apps

Replacement App

Car Navigation

CoPilot GPS


CoPilot Australia and New Zealand, CoPilot Benelux, CoPilot Brazil, CoPilot DACH, CoPilot Europe, CoPilot Europe HD, CoPilot France, CoPilot Iberia, CoPilot Italy, CoPilot Middle East/GCC, CoPilot Nordics, CoPilot Southern Africa, CoPilot USA, CoPilot USA HD, CoPilot USA & Canada, CoPilot UK & Ireland, CoPilot Western Europe

RV/Caravan Navigation

CoPilot RV USA, CoPilot Caravan Europe

Truck Navigation

CoPilot Truck Europe, CoPilot Truck HD Europe, CoPilot Truck USA & Canada, CoPilot Truck HD USA & Canada, CoPilot Truck GPS

When will selected CoPilot navigation apps be retired?

As of December 2018 (Car) and January 2019 (RV/Caravan, Truck), selected CoPilot navigation apps will no longer be available on Apple’s App Store for new purchases, no longer receive updates of any kind, and are no longer eligible for support.

Will I still be able to use my retired CoPilot app?

Yes, but unfortunately you will no longer receive any updates to the application or maps. Although the applications are working well today it does mean we cannot confirm how long they will continue to work in the future, any changes in the operating system affecting the application will not be fixed. We want you to continue receiving the best possible experience using CoPilot, to ensure that future operating systems are supported you will need to transition to the CoPilot GPS application.

Once you have installed your replacement app, we suggest you delete your retired app from your device, allowing you to free up memory.

How to check which CoPilot app(s) you have purchased?

To see which CoPilot app(s) that you previously bought on any of your iOS devices:

On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch

  1. Open the App Store app
  2. Tap on the  icon
  3. Tap Purchased     
  4. Select All. You'll see all the CoPilot apps you have purchased

Need help?

See App Store Support >

What is the latest version of CoPilot?

The latest version of CoPilot GPS is

To check which version of CoPilot you have:

  1. Open your CoPilot app
  2. Go to Main Menu > Settings > About CoPilot to view the version number