If you are using our Laptop CoPilot Version, you might experience a hurdle with your GPS receiver. If you are finding that you have to set up the GPS receiver anew, each time you launch CoPilot, here are some things you can do. 

GPS Receiver Setup for Windows Laptop


During the installation, please make sure to always select All Users.

If you have installed the build for all users, please do the following: 

Apply changes to the "product.cfg"

                    PATH: C: drive > ProgramData > ALK Technologies > CoPilot v9 Laptop > product.cfg

Open the file with Notepad, Notepad++, or similar and add the following line:


"GPSReceiver"=required value*

                     *This value will change depending on the type of GPS receiver you have. See complete list below.

By adding the value to the product.cfg you can change the default setting for the GPS Receiver and point CoPilot to the right direction. We currently have 18 different GPS     Receiver classifications.

                    1 = GPSDevice_Serial      

                    2 = GPSDevice_LogFileRead     

                    3 = GPSDevice_LogFileWrite                          

                    4 = GPSDevice_TrackPlayback      

                    5 = GPSDevice_USBTaxan      

                    6 = GPSDevice_Integrated     

                    7 = GPSDevice_Message     

                    8 = GPSDevice_GpsTmc     

                    9 = GPSDevice_BTSocket     

                    11 = GPSDevice_QualcommOmni      

                    12 = GPSDevice_DemoPlayback     

                    13 = GPSDevice_TunnelTripExtrap     

                    14 = GPSDevice_AndroidNMEA     

                    15 = GPSDevice_iPhoneExternal      

                    16 = GPSDevice_Compass     

                    17 = GPSDevice_GPSDLinux     

                    18 = GPSDevice_External     

                    19 = GPSDevice_Socket

If you are not sure about the required value, you can do the following: 

    1. Launch CoPilot.

    2. On map screen, go to Main Menu.

    3. Click on Settings.

    4. Select GPS.

    5. Select GPS Receiver Setup.

    6. Once you receive the Success message, open a File Explorer window but do not close CoPilot.

    7. Go to the location: C: drive > ProgramData > ALK Technologies > CoPilot v9 Laptop

    8. Open the user.cfg.

    9. Look for the above-mentioned value.