Safety Cameras warn you when you are approaching a safety camera location.

CoPilot displays the location of the safety camera on a map and gives you a spoken warning.

You can change the way your CoPilot warns you about safety cameras, tap Settings > Safety Cameras.

Enable safety camera warnings

  • Tap Display Safety Camera Alerts to receive on-screen and spoken safety camera warnings.

Changing the warning distance

You can set how close to a safety camera location you want to be warned.

Updating safety camera locations

We recommend you regularly update the safety camera database so that you have the latest locations for alerts when you're travelling. Update the Safety Camera database from the News & Updates screen

Note: Safety camera locations are not available in Switzerland or France. Customers are advised to deactivate camera warnings completely when travelling in Switzerland or France to comply with local legislation.
If while navigating, you notice a correction or additional information that would be useful for our Safety Camera provider, please report the correction by following the instructions available here.
**Note: In order to receive the most up to date Safety Camera updates, please ensure you are logged in with your current CoPilot ID"*