CoPilot RV app lets you create and save multiple routing profiles that are specific to the physical attributes of the vehicle to ensure safe, reliable routing.

** Note: You will be required to set on your Routing Profile setup upon first launching CoPilot.

In the Main Menu, tap Route > Vehicle Routing Profiles


  1. Go to Route > Vehicle Routing Profiles
  2. Select Caravan (UK/EU) or RV Vehicle Routing Profile (NA) and select View/Edit
  3. Select Caravan Dimensions (UK/EU) or RV Dimensions (NA)
  4. Please see the Caravan (Metric unit of measurement) and RV Dimensions (Imperial units of measurement). The Height and Width measurements below are the maximum ones that can be set, and you can change the change the values here. Once you are happy with your selection, Select Back
  5. You will now see Caravan (UK/EU) or RV Routing Profile screen (NA). Select Save as New
  6. Save the Profile giving a name and select Save
  7. You will now see the name of your routing profile displayed at the top of the Vehicle Routing Profiles screen (Caravan for UK/EU, RV for NA)