CoPilot can store several routing profiles for any kind of vehicle. In order to have them ready to use, you can follow the same procedure for each of them, as by the below instructions.

Select  Main Menu  >  Settings  >  Vehicle Routing Profiles 

Choose Vehicle Type by tapping it and choose NEW to start creating the profile

Choose if you'd prefer the shortest or quickest route, enable ActiveRoutes, use or avoid toll roads, avoid ferries, avoid congestion zones.

When done entering your preferences, you can go to Road Preferences, where you will be able to choose the roads you'd like to avoid or favor, including freeways, divided highways, primary roads, secondary roads, and local streets.

You may also choose your preferred speed for each of these roads, which will be then used to calculate the ETA when ActiveTraffic is not enabled.
Select the back arrow  when finished, and you will be taken back to your routing profile menu again.
Please select Save and this will save your new custom profile.